Over $100M invested    •    150,000+ registered users•   $10M+ gross distributions to Vinovestors

Over $100M invested

150,000+ registered users

$10M+ gross distributions to Vinovestors

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Why Invest in Whiskey?


Whiskey investing is having a moment and that moment is now: 

Rare whiskey returned 428% from 2012 to 2022, making it "the best performing asset of the decade" according to Knight Frank. 

Whiskey prices are uncorrelated with traditional stock market, making it an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio.

Often, the distiller will buy back their whiskey when it’s mature so that they can bottle and sell it, making whiskey a truly attractive asset.

How investing in whiskey works

We offer American whiskey and single-malt Scotch whisky.

1. Choose your casks

2. Fund your account

After funding, your casks will be allocated to you in 2-3 days.

3. Watch it grow and mature

You own your casks, and we take care of storage, insurance, and helping you sell when your assets have matured to their ideal selling windows to maximize your profits. Don’t want to sell your cask? Opt to have it bottled.


Offerings include:

Why Invest in Whiskey?

How it works

Latest Vinovest Exit

Date: May 2023

Client return: 30%

Casks bought for: $1,415

Vinovest sold casks for: $1,850

Hold time: 7 months

Cask contents: 53 Gallon High Rye Bourbon Mash Bills


Latest Vinovest Exit