Grow Your Wealth
with Wine & Whiskey


Diversify beyond the stock market and watch your money get better with age: 

Rare whiskey returned 13.8% and fine wine returned 8.9% per year since 2015, outperforming S&P 500 and even gold, while select bottles and casks posted 3-figure returns. 

Fine wine also outperformed the S&P 500 over the last four recessions

Wine and whiskey prices are uncorrelated with traditional stock market, making it an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio. 

Grow Your Wealth
Wine & Whiskey

Over $100M invested    •    150,000+ registered users   •   $10M+ gross distributions to Vinovestors

Over $100M invested

150,000+ registered users

$10M+ gross distributions to Vinovestors

Latest Vinovest Exit

Date: May 2023

Client return: 30%

Casks bought for: $1,415

Vinovest sold casks for: $1,850

Hold time: 7 months

Cask contents: 53 Gallon High Rye Bourbon Mash Bills


Latest Vinovest Exit

How Vinovest works

Your answers will help us build a personalized portfolio that matches your investing goals.

1. Share you goals with our advisors

2. We build your portfolio 

Master sommeliers & whiskey experts fused with data-driven algorithms select proven, appreciating wines and whiskeys to invest in.

3. Watch it grow and mature

You own your bottles and barrels, and we take care of storage, insurance, and helping you sell when your assets have matured to their ideal selling windows to maximize your profits.


Wine & Whiskey Performance Explained

Several factors drive wine & whiskey prices up over time. These factors make these assets an ideal investment for good times and the not so good times.

Wineries and distilleries often make investment-grade wines and whiskeys in limited quantities — a few hundred bottles or so. That number will only fall with time as people drink them.


Wine improves with time. The astringent compounds mellow while in storage, helping to bring out new flavors and textures in the wine. 

In contrast, whiskey casks improve in flavor and value over time. Individual bottles do not. Once whiskey is bottled, the flavor remains the same until the day it is consumed. That is why Vinovest enables you to invest in casks.

Screaming Eagle. Château Cheval Blanc. Macallan. Pappy Van Winkle. These estates and distilleries rank among the most prestigious names in wine & spirits and can command six figures for a single bottle.


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